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The Silver Lining

Cloud computing has been sweeping the globe like wildfire due to its functionality and efficiency compared to traditional data management methods. As one of the top developers of cloud-based software, VMware solves problems of data management by utilizing a local and remote Cloud environment. Now, Vology has partnered with VMware in order to bring you the best services for virtualizing your network infrastructure. Don't be tethered to local devices and data transfers when cloud computing can increase your efficiency and mobility.

Whether you need a data center alternative or applications shared throughout several offsite computers, VMware offers a range of solutions. Using the VMware Cloud Suite, you can build and maintain a private cloud for distributions using the same efficiency and functionality offered by an Internet-based solution. The vSphere compilation offers a robust data security platform while virtualizing server resources for allocating multiple workloads. The VMware Horizon Suite connects end-users to data and applications without the need for separate installs, essentially allowing any computer to become a workstation for the organization. This is done without compromising local or remote security as users can access the information they need at any time from virtually any place in the world. Check out what Vology and VMware can do to improve your organization's mobility.

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