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What is Virtualization?

Much like the term implies, Virtualization is an abstract or Virtual Operating System that communicates with physical hardware. A hypervisor is the middle-man between that virtual and physical environment; it performs the work of multiple Operating Systems on one central piece of hardware but doesn’t require dedicated hardware for each Operating System.

Why Virtualization?

By creating a virtual environment, rather than a physical environment, an organization’s infrastructure can be managed more efficiently, increasing performance and lowering operating costs by 50%. This is achieved in multiple ways, as Virtualization:

  • Enables customers to fully utilize their physical hardware, which often sits idle.
  • Provides high availability and fault tolerance along with scalability.
  • Reduces hardware requirements. This allows more data storage and resources to reside in less physical data center space and requires the purchase of less physical hardware and rack space.
  • Reduces energy consumption.
  • Is easier to maintain. It provides one central location to deploy patches, updates, virus protection, and changes without disruption to the users’ local environment.
  • Increases productivity. Individuals can access multiple applications on a mobile device that they would otherwise only be able to access on their physical computer.
  • Is highly scalable, agile and feature rich.

Let's ask the professionals.

Virtualization Implementation

by: Vology

Mecklenburg County

by: VMware

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Virtualization Solutions

Citrix VMWare
Netscaler vSphere
XenDesktop vSOM
XenApp Horizon View

Next Steps

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