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Data Backup and Replication

Keeping your data safe requires more than proper security measures. A natural catastrophe could destroy the very hardware you use on a daily basis. When you look at the news today, does it really seem that far-fetched that your particular area could experience a disaster that could cause you to lose all of your important files? Vology understands the need for comprehensive solutions for backup and replication services, so they have partnered with Veeam, which offers some of the most innovative solutions for virtualization and data protection.

Outside of natural disasters, there may be times when data recovery is important because machine hardware can eventually fail on its own. Veeam's enhancements to VMware's vSphere and Microsoft's Hyper-V environments allow you to control your data with additional efficiency. By providing an interface that is optimized for the workload across your WAN, you can quickly access data and perform data replication with great speed. Instantly recover virtually any file using a streamlined two-in-one recovery system provided by Veeam. Compress data in order to store archives more efficiently and de-duplicate them in order to remove redundant files that are no longer needed. Keep your data more secure and accessible by allowing Vology and Veeam to work together to help you determine the best course of action for your organization's informational needs.

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