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A Bulwark Against Malicious Code

There are millions of variants of virus and malware that spread across the Internet like a disease looking for a host. Make sure that your system is protected against these programs as they could bring your organization's productivity to a halt. Some of this malware can spread to virtually any storage device on the network as fast as your infrastructure can facilitate the data. Vology understands the need for ironclad protection against threats of this nature and has partnered with Symantec in order to bring you the best security solutions for your endpoint needs.

Symantec products have been proven effective against a variety of threats that many competitors are unable to detect. By supporting a wide range of operating systems, the company's anti-malware applications provide five layers of support and protection using Insight and Sonar programming technologies. This endpoint protection blocks the spread of malicious code and will keep your organization operating longer without damaging down-times. Utilizing the Global Intelligence Network, Symantec puts together the most comprehensive lists of threats and shields users from becoming "infected" by even the most sophisticated pieces of programming ingenuity. Due to their innovative development, Symantec products are able to scan faster and detect more as opposed to various competitors. Vology can help you determine the best Symantec solution for your organization.

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