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Protection for All Devices

Providing network security can be a chore considering all of the different connected devices you could be responsible for. As the modern workplace increasingly incorporates the use of mobile technologies, even smartphones and tablets could have vulnerabilities that can be detrimental to efficiency within the organization. Sophos offers solutions that can protect virtually any device connected to your network. Partnering with Vology allows customers to get the protection they need from a company that cares about efficiency and quality.

Unified Threat Management capabilities provided by Sophos allow users to consolidate security measures into one area for efficient access, and computers, servers and mobile devices alike are protected from various threats. Easily create a secured virtual private network with less hassle while offering more protection. Encrypted wireless connections provide a layer of safety for the network and end-users accessing the system with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Manage countless mobile devices and their accessibility from a single interface. Provide a safe Web experience using the Sophos Secure Web Gateway enhancements for your infrastructure, and offer an email gateway that will protect assets from being compromised. Anti-virus protection utilizes fewer resources than other competing brands, allowing your devices to function with greater capacities during a scan.

Featured Products

  • Sophos A05ZTCAAA
    AP 5 USB FD Only
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  • Sophos A50ZTCHUS
    AP 50 FD Only
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  • Sophos A30ZTCHUS
    AP 30 FD Only
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  • Sophos R10ZTCHUS
    RED 10 Appliance FD Only
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