Polycom EagleEye Director

SKU: 7200-82631-001 | MFG: Polycom
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Polycom EagleEye Director and one EagleEye 3 Camera, compatible with EE 2, EE 3, HDCI inputs and HDX software version 3.0.1 or later. Includes required power supply adaptor. NA power cord. (Maintenance Required)
The Polycom EagleEye Director changes the face of group video communications by enabling close-up views of every speaker in a video conference, regardless of their location or the number of people in the room. With fully automated camera pan, tilt, and zoom motions, the EagleEye Director resolves the common problem in video conferencing of seeing all participants during a meeting, but not being able to see facial expressions of the person talking. Now, by highlighting, zooming in, and framing active speakers, everyone can clearly see critical facial expressions and read the subtle body language which enables deeper engagement and more effective meetings.Leveraging patent-pending technology, including voice triangulation, face finding, and an innovative dual-camera configuration, the EagleEye Director delivers breakthrough affordability in personalizing the telepresence experience for every group conference and enables richer communication and more productive meetings. With meeting participants no longer needing to worry about staying in the camera view or interrupting the flow of conversation to handle the remote control, they can spend 100% or their time in meetings focusing on the bigger issue - their business.

  • Compatibility Information
    • Polycom HDX 6000, 6000 View Media Center, 6000-720, 6000-720V, 6004 1PT, 6004 1WC, 7000, 7000-1080, 7000-720, 7001, 7001 XL, 7001 XLP, 7001XL 1PT, 7002, 7002 XL, 7002 XLP, 7002XL 1PC, 7002XL 1PT, 7002XL 1PT50, 7002XL 1WC, 7002XL 1WT, 7002XL 2EC Executive Collection, 7002XL 2PT, 7002XLP 1PC, 7002XLP 1PT, 7002XLP 1WC, 7002XLP 1WT, 8000-1080, 8000-720, 8000-720 1PT, 8000-720 1PT50, 8002, 8002 XL, 8002XL 1PC, 8002XL 1PT, 8002XL 1WC, 8002XL 1WT, 8004, 8004 XL, 8004 XLP, 8004XL 2ET Executive Collection, 8004XL 2PC, 8004XL 2PT, 8004XL 2WC, 8004XL 2WT, 8004XLP 1PC, 8004XLP 1PT, 8004XLP 1PT50, 8004XLP 1WC, 8004XLP 1WT, 8004XLP 2PC, 8004XLP 2PT, 8004XLP 2WC, 8004XLP 2WT, 8006, 8006 XL, 8006 XL 1PT50, 8006 XL 2WT50, 8006 XLP, 8006XL 2ET, 9000-1080, 9000-720, 9001, 9001 XL, 9002, 9002 Executive Collection, 9002 XL, 9002 XLP, 9004, 9004 Executive Collection, Executive Collection 8000-720 2ET, Media Center 6000-720 1PT50, Media Center 6000-720 1WC, Media Center 6000-720 1WC50, Media Center 6004 1PT, Media Center 7000-720 1PT, Media Center 7000-720 1PT50, Media Center 7000-720 1WC, Media Center 7000-720 2PT, Media Center 7000-720 2WC, Media Center 7000-720 2WC50, Media Center 7002XLP 1PC, Media Center 8000-1080 1PT50, Media Center 8000-1080 1WC50, Media Center 8000-1080 2WC50, Media Center 8000-720 1WC, Media Center 8000-720 1WC50, Media Center 8000-720 2PT, Media Center 8000-720 2WC, Media Center 8000-720 2WC50, Media Center 8004XL 1PT50, Media Center 8004XL 1WT50, Media Center 8004XL 2WT50 ¦ Polycom HDX Executive Collection 8000-1080 2ET, 8000-720 2ET, 9006-1080
  • General
    • Video conferencing camera tracking system
    • EagleEye III camera
    • Power adapter, cable kit
  • MainSpecs
    • EagleEye III camera
    • Power adapter, cable kit
    • Video conferencing camera tracking system
    • HDX 6000, 6004 1WC, 70XX, 80XX, Executive Collection 8000-720 2ET, Media Center 8000-1080 1PT50, Media Center 8000-1080 1WC50, Media Center 8000-1080 2WC50, Media Center 8000-720 2WC, Media Center 8000-720 2WC50, Media Center 8004XL 2WT50; HDX Executive Collection 8000, 9006
    • Polycom EagleEye Director video conferencing camera tracking system


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