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Conference calls are an everyday function for many organizations. Technology has made these calls more efficient and feature-rich than they ever have been. Polycom provides some of the most interactive devices on the market for adding functionality to your office environment. The company's innovative technologies have now joined forces with Vology's superior customer support. Polycom's developments include solutions as small as video communications on a smartphone and as large as theater-sized HD video conferencing systems that can make it seem like everyone is in the same room.

Many organizations utilize Voice over Internet Protocol due to its clarity and efficiency. However, not all of these companies benefit from the best in communication equipment to complement their VoIP service. Polycom's videoconferencing services, such as the RealPresence Desktop for Windows, turn virtually any PC into a streaming method of communicating with others. Affordable and elaborate video conferencing equipment can stream your entire meeting room to those on the other end for highly detailed imaging and real-time interaction. Executive bundles include 50-inch LCD screens that provide a wide viewing space and include graphical information you'd like to share with the other party, such as graphs and charts. For your video conferencing needs, Vology and Polycom can provide you with the best hardware coupled with the quality customer service you've come to depend on.

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  • Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000 Phone 2200-07300-001
    SKU: 2200-07300-001
    Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000 (w/o Ex Mics and Subwoofer)- fully auto conference phone featuring VTX Wideband voice and Auto Gain Control, does not include Subwoofer and Ex Mics-North America
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