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NetApp FAS2200 Series Overview
NetApp E5400 Storage System

Plan for the Future of Storage

Having enough storage space for your files and server-wide apps is an important aspect of maintaining a strong infrastructure. Thanks to the partnership of Vology and NetApp, you can obtain high quality-storage designed with efficient networking and your needs in mind. The partnership of these two companies provides a stress-free environment for you to asses your storage options without a pushy salesman trying to earn a few extra dollars. You'll get exactly what you need in order to keep your network efficient regardless of your budget constraints.

NetApp provides the latest in state-of-the-art network storage devices well-equipped to handle the load of today's demands. With ultra-fast solid-state drive functionality, your files and apps will operate faster than they ever have before. With devices able to handle up to 360 individual SSDs, you could have more than 1,400 terabytes of information available. Support for RAID configurations can keep your data safe on a reliable redundant system or divided for quicker access to information. Support for up to 24GB gives NetApp devices plenty of capacity to operate several applications at once without draining resources, and support for a wide range of operating systems ensures that NetApp devices are able to fit perfectly into virtually any networking scheme. Allow Vology to help you determine which device is perfect for your organization.

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