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Conference calling is a very important aspect of conducting business. Technology has evolved to the point of allowing businesses to conduct these calls in HD video streaming. Lifesize has partnered up with Vology in order to combine high-quality streaming technology with world-class customer service. This means customers can expect to get the performance of amazingly clear and concise video streaming from Lifesize coupled with the knowledgeable and courteous staff of Vology in order to promote logic solutions for conferencing needs. Whether you require assistance developing a strategy to incorporate video conferencing in your organization or already know what you need, Lifesize and Vology can help you deliver an amazing result.

Telephone conference calls of the past lacked that interpersonal touch. While they could be effective, it seemed to take a bit of that sociability away from communication. Lifesize can provide you with the tools to bring that interpersonal communication back to your office or boardroom. Support for modern devices is also an important aspect that Lifesize has addressed by providing compatibility in video streaming for more than 40 mobile devices. This allows your streaming video to be seen by a wide range of clients, staff or board members regardless of their preferred technology. Allow Vology and Lifesize to bring your organization into the 21st century with defined video conferencing.

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