Hyper Converged Infrastructure

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Hyperconverged Solutions

Why should I hyper converge?

  • Predictable scale: Grow & shrink infrastructure incrementally
  • Lower TCO: Lower capital & operating expenses
  • Business Agility: Quicker response to business needs
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Quick... How do you define converged infrastructure (CI)? Not sure? Vology's WireSide Chats has you covered. In this upcoming 4-part series we're going to systematically dissect converged infrastructure to reveal the realities of taking the CI route in today's IT climate. We're going to start with a high level overview of CI as a topic and then introduce you to some of the key solutions in the CI space. Join us for part-1 to learn what CI really is and how it has evolved up to this point. The experts will also dive into the benefits and challenges associated with implementing and managing a converged infrastructure environment.


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