HP UN007A Care Pack House Call 2y - On-Site

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HP Care Pack House Call - Extended service agreement - parts and labor - 2 years - on-site - business hours - for Pavilion dv6745, dv6956, dv7, dv8, tx2540; Pavilion Media Center dv6620, dv6820, dv6834
With Care Pack House Call Service, you'll enjoy in-home service as well as convenient 24 x 7 technical support and extended security while keeping your HP PC covered by the manufacturer who knows it best.

  • General
    • Business hours
    • Extended service agreement
    • 2 years
    • Parts and labor
    • On-site
  • MainSpecs
    • On-site
    • Extended service agreement
    • Pavilion dv6745, dv6754, dv6956, dv7, dv8, dv9842, tx2520, tx2540; Pavilion Media Center dv2208, dv2525, dv6174, dv6460, dv6515, dv6520, dv6555, dv6605, dv6610, dv6620, dv6660, dv6810, dv6820, dv6834, dv6840, dv9218, dv9345, dv9515, dv9610, dv9620, dv9636, dv9649, dv9664, dv9687, dv9690, tx1250
    • HP Care Pack House Call - extended service agreement - 2 years - on-site
    • Business hours
    • 2 years
    • Parts and labor
  • Compatibility Information
    • HP Pavilion dv6956la, dv7-2165ef, dv7-2170el, dv7-2198eo, dv7-2204tx, dv7-2206tx, dv7-2215eb, dv7-2215eg, dv7-2215sf, dv7-2220ef, dv7-2225sf, dv7-2225ss, dv7-2230en, dv7-2232es, dv7-2235eb, dv7-2280ef, dv7-3000, dv7-3004eb, dv7-3005eg, dv7-3005ew, dv7-3006tx, dv7-3007sg, dv7-3007TX, dv7-3008TX, dv7-3010en, dv7-3010ew, dv7-3015ew, dv7-3020en, dv7-3020es, dv7-3020ew, dv7-3025ss, dv7-3060sb, dv7-3100eb, dv7-3101ea, dv7-3101sa, dv7-3105ea, dv7-3105sw, dv7-3105tx, dv7-3108tx, dv7-3109tx, dv7-3110eg, dv7-3110sf, dv7-3110sg, dv7-3110sw, dv7-3110tx, dv7-3111so, dv7-3113eo, dv7-3114eo, dv7-3115eo, dv7-3115ew, dv7-3116tx, dv7-3117eo, dv7-3118ef, dv7-3118sf, dv7-3118tx, dv7-3120ed, dv7-3120eg, dv7-3120ew, dv7-3120sf, dv7-3122eo, dv7-3125ef, dv7-3125eg, dv7-3125eo, dv7-3125sf, dv7-3126eg, dv7-3126eo, dv7-3127eg, dv7-3128eg, dv7-3130ed, dv7-3130eg, dv7-3130eo, dv7-3130ew, dv7-3135eg, dv7-3135eo, dv7-3140ed, dv7-3140el, dv7-3140sf, dv7-3140so, dv7-3145ef, dv7-3145eo, dv7-3145sf, dv7-3146eo, dv7-3150eb, dv7-3150ed, dv7-3160ec, dv7-3160ed, dv7-3160em, dv7-3160es, dv7-3165eb, dv7-3165ef, dv7-3170eb, dv7-3170eg, dv7-3170el, dv7-3170eo, dv7-3170es, dv7-3170ey, dv7-3170ez, dv7-3180ef, dv7-3180es, dv7-3190ed, dv7-3190eg, dv7-3190em, dv7-3190es, dv7-3190ey, dv7-3195eg, dv7-3197ec, dv7-3197eo, dv7-3199eo, dv7-3199sb, dv7-4002tx, dv7-4003tx, dv7-4004tx, dv7-4007eo, dv7-4010sd, dv7-4010sl, dv7-4011so, dv7-4012tx, dv7-4015sl, dv7-4020eo, dv7-4020sd, dv7-4022so, dv7-4025eo, dv7-4026eo, dv7-4030ed, dv7-4031sd, dv7-4032eo, dv7-4035sa, dv7-4035so, dv7-4040sa, dv7-4040ss, dv7-4050ea, dv7-4050ed, dv7-4050eo, dv7-4051sg, dv7-4053eg, dv7-4054eg, dv7-4055sf, dv7-4055sg, dv7-4060eb, dv7-4065sf, dv7-4070eo, dv7-4075sf, dv7-4080ss, dv7-4085sf, dv7-4090ef, dv8-1110ea, dv8-1110eb, dv8-1150es, dv8-1180ed, dv8-1180eg, dv8-1180eo, dv8-1180ez, dv8-1190ef, dv8-1190eg, dv8-1190eo, dv8-1190ez, dv8-1200ed, dv8-1220eg, tx2540br ¦ HP Pavilion Media Center dv6820ec
  • Details
    • Extended service agreement - parts and labor - 2 years - on-site - availability: business hours ¦ Technical support - phone consulting - 2 years - availability: 24 hours a day / Monday-Sunday ¦ Technical support - replacement - 2 years - shipment ¦ Technical support - e-mail consulting - 2 years - availability: 24 hours a day / Monday-Sunday ¦ Installation


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