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HP Network Node Manager Insight Smart-Plug-In Performance Metrics - ( v. 9.20 ) - media - English
Your network supports a wide range of end-user services and revenue-generating transactions, which is why you must keep network performance at the maximum and downtime to a minimum.The HP Performance Smart Plug-In (iSPI) and other iSPIs for HP Network Node Manager add powerful reporting capabilities to NNMi and NNMi Advanced. They enhance NNMi and add awareness of specialized network environments, providing your team with the information it needs to anticipate and more quickly find and fix problems.NNM iSPI Performance for Metrics contains a component called the Network Performance Server (NPS). The NPS provides both out-of-the-box and highly customizable reporting across any iSPI domain. The iSPI Performance for Metrics in particular focuses on fundamental network interface (SNMP MIB-II) and device component performance variables. It continuously collects, stores, and manages performance-related metrics from across your network and includes multiple pre-built reports for exploring that data.The NPS reports allow you to easily and intuitively adjust the granularity, time range, topology filtering, and displayed metric of any report for the iSPI Performance for Metrics or any other iSPI reports. It will also carry these selections from report to report, and when appropriate, across reporting domains.When you've set the time range and topology filters to your own preferred configuration, NPS allows you to schedule the iSPI reports as defined for automatic generation and delivery-you can have your favorite reports delivered by email and waiting in your in box every morning, or saved to disk for long-term archiving.With the extensible architecture of the iSPI reporting mechanism and NNMi, you can build your own custom reporting solutions at the click of a mouse. Poll performance values from any SNMP MIB, and have fully integrated historical reports automatically generated.Using the NNMi real-time path view as a launch point, the iSPI Performance for Metrics also provides the option for a path health report. This provides an instantaneous performance snapshot at every point along a network path, allowing you to immediately pinpoint recurring, difficult-to-track issues within a dynamic network environment.

  • General
    • 9.20
    • English
    • Networking applications - system & remote management
    • Media
  • MainSpecs
    • HP Network Node Manager Insight Smart-Plug-In Performance Metrics ( v. 9.20 ) - media
    • Networking applications - system & remote management
    • Media
    • 9.20
    • English


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