HP KS526AA 12 Cell Battery NGID Notebook Battery

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HP 12 Cell Battery NGID - Notebook battery - 1 x lithium ion 12-cell - for Presario CQ40, CQ45, CQ60, CQ61, CQ70, CQ71; HP G60, G61, G70, G71; Pavilion dv4, dv5, DV6
Make your laptop more convenient to use by installing this new extended battery pack from HP. These multi-charge devices are designed to help maintain your battery charge rate regardless whether your notebook is in use or not, meaning that you can play games, watch movies and get important work done while the battery is being topped off. Even better, the KS526AA battery pack uses an advanced arrangement to double the number of internal cells inside the unit. This allows you to enjoy improved battery life that the standard six-cell pack just cannot deliver. 

This KS526AA HP battery pack also includes an externally visible gauge that tells you how much of a charge you have left. This feature makes it much easier to check your battery life without turning the laptop on and potentially wasting power. From a full charge, the pack offers around eight hours of continuous usage, and its physical dimensions keep your laptop slightly raised up to increase airflow and reduce heat. This battery pack is compatible with a number of HP Notebook-series PCs, making it the ideal upgrade for improving your home or office equipment.

  • Battery
    • 12-cell lithium ion
    • 1
  • MainSpecs
    • Lithium ion 12-cell
    • 1
    • Notebook battery
    • Presario CQ40, CQ41, CQ45, CQ50, CQ60, CQ61, CQ70, CQ71; HP G50, G60, G61, G70, G71, HDX X16-1000, HDX X16-1001, HDX X16-1005, HDX X16-1010, HDX X16-1025, HDX X16-1040, HDX X16-1044, HDX X16-1056, HDX X16-1060, HDX X16-1155, HDX X16-1160, HDX X16-1275, HDX X16-1299; Pavilion dv4, dv5, DV6
    • HP 12 Cell Battery NGID - notebook battery - Li-Ion
  • Compatibility Information
    • Compaq Presario CQ45-700LA, CQ45-707TU, CQ45-800LA, CQ45-802TU ¦ HP G61-429WM, G71-333CA ¦ HP Pavilion dv4-1214la, dv4-1414la, dv4-1416la, dv4-1423la, dv4-1520la, dv4-1522la, dv4-1523la, dv4-1524la, dv4-1622la, dv4-1624la, dv4-2014la, dv4-2111la, dv4-2116la, dv4-2154ca, dv4-2162nr, dv4-2167sb, dv4-2169nr, dv4-2170us, dv5-1100, dv5-1147la, dv5-1209eo, dv5-1241la, dv5-1247la, dv6-1110eo, dv6-1120ep, dv6-1131sa, DV6-1149WM, dv6-1160ep, dv6-1170ep, dv6-1215sg, dv6-1240ef, dv6-1243cl, dv6-1247cl, dv6-1275la, dv6-1308el, dv6-1310sl, dv6-1315ec, dv6-1317ss, dv6-1320en, dv6-1320eo, dv6-1320ep, dv6-1327tx, dv6-1329tx, dv6-1330eb, dv6-1340ef, dv6-1360ss, dv6-1368es, dv6-1388la, dv6-1410ez, dv6-1410ss, dv6-1410sw, dv6-1420sw, dv6-1425ei, dv6-1430ey, dv6-1430sw, dv6-2006tx, dv6-2012ax, dv6-2021el, dv6-2025sf, dv6-2040sa, dv6-2043ca, dv6-2043us, dv6-2057cl, dv6-2064ca, dv6-2100es, dv6-2100ey, dv6-2105eo, dv6-2105es, dv6-2108ea, dv6-2108eo, dv6-2108sa, dv6-2109eo, dv6-2110AX, dv6-2110ef, dv6-2110el, dv6-2110eo, dv6-2110sm, dv6-2110ss, dv6-2110sw, dv6-2113tx, dv6-2114ef, dv6-2114tx, dv6-2115eg, dv6-2115es, dv6-2115ew, dv6-2116sg, dv6-2117ax, dv6-2117eg, dv6-2117sa, dv6-2118el, dv6-2119el, dv6-2120ew, dv6-2120ey, dv6-2120so, dv6-2121eo, dv6-2122eo, dv6-2122ez, dv6-2123el, dv6-2123eo, dv6-2123sf, dv6-2124el, dv6-2124eo, dv6-2125ew, dv6-2126el, dv6-2126eo, dv6-2126ew, dv6-2127el, dv6-2130ca, dv6-2130el, dv6-2130ew, dv6-2130ez, dv6-2131so, dv6-2132eo, dv6-2133eg, dv6-2133sf, dv6-2135ew, dv6-2136el, dv6-2136eo, dv6-2137sl, dv6-2138eo, dv6-2140eb, dv6-2140eh, dv6-2140el, dv6-2141sl, dv6-2142sl, dv6-2145es, dv6-2145ew, dv6-2145sf, dv6-2147es, dv6-2150ca, dv6-2150el, dv6-2150es, dv6-2150ey, dv6-2150sb, dv6-2151cl, dv6-2153el, dv6-2155el, dv6-2155ew, dv6-2157el, dv6-2157wm, dv6-2158so, dv6-2160eg, dv6-2160el, dv6-2160ez, dv6-2166sb, dv6-2168es, dv6-2168sl, dv6-2171nr, dv6-2171sl, dv6-2175ss, dv6-2177la, dv6-2180ey, dv6-2186es, dv6-2191sl
  • General
    • Notebook battery


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