HP DC172B Mouse

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HP - Mouse - optical - 3 button(s) - wired - USB - for Flexible Thin Client t510; ProLiant DL360p Gen8; RP7 Retail System; Smart Zero Client t410
The USB Optical Scroll Mouse is a two-button mouse with scroll wheel that provides the speed and accuracy of optical tracking in a simple, elegant design. It records motion precisely on a variety of surfaces using the latest optical sensing technology. It also allows scroll wheel to function as a third button. The USB Optical Scroll Mouse has no ball or moving parts, which improves its durability, makes it require less cleaning, and eliminates sticking. The mouse's comfortable, contoured shape fits either hand.Optical tracking is the latest advance in computer mouse technology. Optical mice have a tracking system that works through light which means that there are less moving parts for greater durability than ball-based mice. The optical sensor within the USB Optical Scroll Mouse employs a scan rate of 800dpi. This optical system guarantees crisp motion tracking on many types of surfaces without a mouse pad. There is no ball or roller to clog up so it works without cleaning.

  • Software / System Requirements
    • Microsoft Windows 95/98, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition, Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP
  • Expansion / Connectivity
    • 1 x USB - 4 pin USB Type A
  • Input Device
    • 800 dpi
    • 3
    • Optical
    • Scrolling wheel
    • Wired
    • USB
  • MainSpecs
    • Wired - USB
    • 1 x USB cable - integrated - 6 ft
    • Optical
    • 3
    • 800 dpi
    • 4.2 oz
    • 2.5 in x 4.6 in x 1.5 in
    • Compaq 100; HP Elite 8000, Elite 8100; All-in-One 100; Elite 7100, 7200; Pro 2000, 31XX, 33XX; ProLiant BL460c G7, BL465c G7, BL490c G7, BL620C G7, BL680c G7, BL685c G7, DL360p Gen8, DL380 G7, DL585 G7, DL980 G7, SL165s G7, SL165z G7; Thin Client t5325, t5550, t5565, t5570, t5740; Workstation z210
    • Scrolling wheel
    • 1 year warranty
    • Microsoft Windows 95/98, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition, Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP
    • HP mouse
    • Mouse
  • General
    • 4.6 in
    • 1.5 in
    • 4.2 oz
    • 2.5 in
    • Mouse
  • Miscellaneous
    • 1 x USB cable - integrated - 6 ft
  • Compatibility Information
    • Compaq 100B ¦ HP All-in-One 100B ¦ HP Elite 7000, 7100, 7200 ¦ HP Pro 2000, 3000, 3005, 3010, 3015, 3120, 3125, 3130, 3135, 3300, 3305 ¦ HP ProLiant BL280c G6, BL2x220c G5 Server B, BL460c G5, BL460c G6, BL460c G7, BL465c G6, BL465c G7, BL490c G6, BL490c G7, BL495c G5, BL495c G6, BL620C G7, BL680c G7, BL685c G6, BL685c G7, DL160se G6, DL185 G5 12TB SATA Storage Server, DL185 G5 2.4TB SAS Storage Server, DL185 G5 4TB SATA Storage Server, DL185 G5 5.4TB SAS Storage Server, DL185 G5 6TB SATA Storage Server, DL185 G5 9TB SATA Storage Server, DL185 G5 Base SAS Storage Server, DL185 G5 Base SATA Storage Server, DL360 G6, DL360 G6 Base, DL360 G6 Efficiency, DL360 G6 Entry, DL360 G6 Performance, DL360p Gen8, DL360p Gen8 Base, DL360p Gen8 CMS, DL360p Gen8 Entry, DL360p Gen8 High Performance, DL370 G6, DL370 G6 Base, DL370 G6 Performance, DL380 G6, DL380 G6 Base, DL380 G6 Entry, DL380 G6 High Efficiency, DL380 G6 Performance, DL380 G7, DL380 G7 Base, DL380 G7 Entry, DL380 G7 Performance, DL585 G5 High Performance, DL585 G6, DL585 G6 Base, DL585 G6 Performance, DL585 G7, DL585 G7 Base, DL585 G7 Performance, DL785 G6, DL785 G6 Base, DL785 G6 Performance, DL980 G7, ML150 G5, ML150 G6, ML150 G6 Base, ML150 G6 Entry, ML150 G6 Performance, ML330 G6, ML330 G6 Base, ML330 G6 Entry, ML350 G6, ML350 G6 Base, ML350 G6 Entry, ML350 G6 Performance, ML370 G6, ML370 G6 Base, ML370 G6 Entry, SL165s G7, SL165z G7, WS460c G6 Workstation Blade, xw2x220c Blade Workstation ¦ HP Thin Client gt7720, gt7725, st5548, st5738, t5145, t5325, t5540, t5545, t5550, t5565, t5570, t5630, t5630w, t5740, t5740e, vc4820T, vc4825T ¦ HP TouchSmart dx9000 ¦ HP Workstation z210, z400, z600, z800 ¦ HP Compaq 6000 Pro, 6005 Pro, Elite 8000, Elite 8000f, Elite 8100 ¦ HP Compaq Blade Workstation Client dc73 ¦ HP Compaq Business Desktop dx2040, dx2420, dx2710, dx2810, dx7480, dx7500, dx7510 ¦ HP Compaq Thin Client gt7720, gt7725, t5540, t5545, t5630, t5630w, t5730w
  • Manufacturer Warranty
    • 1 year warranty
    • Limited warranty - replacement - 1 year


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