HP BA428AA License

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HP RTR Back End HP-UX Integrity License
HP Reliable Transaction Router (RTR) is fault tolerant transactional messaging middleware used to implement large, distributed applications using client/server technology. This version of Reliable Transaction Router enables enterprises to deploy distributed applications on HP-UX Integrity servers..Reliable Transaction Router enables distributed applications to run in heterogeneous environments, allowing client and server applications to interoperate on the supported HP-UX platforms. Reliable Transaction Router provides APIs for development of distributed applications using languages such as C and C++. C API calls are also available from a command line interface. The C++ API provides an object-oriented interface for developing user and system management applications. Applications can also use the X/Open XA interface.Reliable Transaction Router provides a reliable, transparent, dynamic message-routing system that includes both a transactional and non-transactional message control system. RTR transaction management supports two-phase commit of distributed transactions. Reliable Transaction Router implements automatic software fault tolerance and failure recovery in multinode environments by adapting to many kinds of hardware, communications, application software, and site failures. Automatic failover and recovery of service operate by exploiting redundant or alternate hardware and network links. If alternate hardware or network links are not available, RTR automatically continues service when the CPU or network link becomes available. Reliable Transaction Router applications are developed and deployed using a three-tier client/router/server software model. Client applications call the RTR client software tier, which passes messages to the router tier of the software. Transaction messages are routed reliably and transparently, based on message content, to the appropriate processes in the server tier. Server applications typically execute transactions against a database and return results back to clients.The Backend license provides full client/router/server functionality. It is required for nodes configured as routers or servers, and can also be used for nodes configured as clients.

  • MainSpecs
    • HP-UX
    • Network - connectivity & data sharing, network - system & remote management
    • Networking applications
    • Media
    • HP Reliable Transaction Router for HP-UX on Integrity servers Backend license - media
  • Software
    • HP-UX
    • Media
  • General
    • Networking applications
    • Network - connectivity & data sharing, network - system & remote management


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