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HP Reliable Transaction Router for OpenVMS I64 Front End License - Media - OpenVMS
HP Reliable Transaction Router (RTR) is just as flexible and scaleable. Where necessary, it can accompany Information Switching Technology / Message Services Infrastructure (IST/MSI) into whatever configuration is required by customers.The digital Reliable Transaction Router (RTR) is disaster-tolerant, middleware for business applications that require the reliable execution of transactions in real time and without any interruptions of service across widely distributed systems. RTR provides reliable transactional messaging, with ACID properties, between distributed client, router and server systems. RTR takes responsibility for detecting failures in a distributed environment and providing transparent fail-over and transaction integrity for uninterrupted service. RTR insulates applications from software, network and site failures.RTR allows the application designer to decide where to place the application data. RTR allows data to be partitioned over as many nodes and disks as the performance or business requirements dictate. The location of the application data is transparent to the applications, allowing for easier system reconfiguration and horizontal growth.RTR applications may perform transactions, which access more than one database. RTR insures (in cooperation with the application) that transaction operations are either all applied to the databases or are all rolled back. This is known as all or nothing transaction semantics (2 Phase-Commit).RTR lets the application designer concentrate on the application, rather than the problems of handling the network. RTR simplifies the design of applications that are distributed across the network, and preserves data-consistency even if components of the system fail (including the application themselves).RTR provides a high degree of failure resilience and allows continued system operation in case of node or link failures. RTR supports shadow and standby operations to protect against entire site failures. RTR guarantees transaction integrity against many kinds of failures by using a transaction recovery feature.

  • MainSpecs
    • OpenVMS - 64-bit
    • HP Reliable Transaction Router for OpenVMS I64 Front End License - media
    • Network - connectivity & data sharing
    • Networking applications
    • Media
    • Media
  • Software
    • OpenVMS - 64-bit
    • Media
  • General
    • Network - connectivity & data sharing
    • Networking applications
    • OpenVMS - 64-bit
    • Media


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