Fujitsu FPCCC85

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Fujitsu Mobile Max Wheeled Case - Notebook carrying case - 17" - for LIFEBOOK C2210, C2220, C2240, C2310, C2320, E2010, E6664, E7010, N5010, S2010, S7010
The Mobile Max is Fujitsu's best and most versatile wheeled case. Designed to accept 17'' notebooks, yet fits in the overhead or at your feet of most regional airplanes. The ergonomically designed, 25º-curved handle effectively reduces weight transfer by 43% over traditional designs. The T-Grip handle is made of molded rubber for additional comfort. A removable file system lets you organize the case for maximum efficiency in addition to a padded, removable computer sleeve. The rear compartment can be configured for files or an over-night change of clothing. 4 elastic accessory pockets & 2 extra-large pockets can even accommodate shoes. The front compartment contains CODi's optimum business organizer & the additional over-sized accessory compartment has 2 large & 2 medium elasticized pockets to secure various peripherals. On either side of the case exterior are twin zippered accessory/water bottle pockets. A pyramid shaped pocket on the front keeps cell-phones or PDA's along with a separate zippered pocket designed to secure travel documents and boarding passes. A "grab-handle" molded into the bottom of the case to assist in ingress/egress of overhead compartments or the trunk of a car in combination with the padded top carry handle. Wheels positioned at the corners provide stability and it is constructed of Fujitsu true-ballistic nylon for years of dependable use.

  • General
    • 17"
    • 16.7 in x 11.7 in x 2 in
    • Ballistic nylon
    • 19 in
    • Notebook carrying case
    • Zippered, water bottle holder, padded, wheels, telescoping handle
    • 10 in
    • 14 in
    • 7.9 lbs
  • Miscellaneous
    • Yes
  • MainSpecs
    • Ballistic nylon
    • LIFEBOOK A4170, C2111, C2210, C2220, C2230, C2240, C2310, C2320, E2010, E6664, E7010, LH530, N5010, N6210, N6410, N6460, N6470, P1120, P7010, P7120, P7230, S2010, S2210, S6110, S6120, S6210, S6220, S6231, S6240, S6520, S7010, S7020, S7211, U820, V1020, V1030, V1040; Stylistic ST5030, ST5031, ST5032
    • Yes
    • 19 in x 10 in x 14 in
    • 7.9 lbs
    • Zippered, water bottle holder, padded, wheels, telescoping handle
    • 17"
    • Fujitsu Mobile Max Wheeled Case - notebook carrying case
    • Notebook carrying case
  • Compatibility Information
    • Fujitsu M2010, M2011 ¦ Fujitsu LIFEBOOK 520D, 555T, 556Tx, A1010, A1110, A1130, A1220, A3040, A3110, A3120, A3130, A4170, A6010, A6020, A6025, A6030, A6210, A6220, A6230, AH530, AH550, B3010D, B3020, B3020-2, B3020D, B6110D, B6210, B6220, B6230, C1320D, C1320DA, C1320DB, C2110, C2111, C2111A, C2111B, C2111C, C2111D, C2111E, C2210, C2210A, C2210B, C2210C, C2210D, C2210E, C2210F, C2210H, C2220, C2220A, C2220B, C2220C, C2230, C2230A, C2230B, C2230C, C2240A, C2240B, C2240C, C2310, C2310A, C2310B, C2310C, C2320, C2330, C2330A, C2330B, C2330C, C2340, C2340A, C2340B, C-6525, E2010A, E2010A2, E2010A3, E2010B, E2010C, E2010C2, E2010C3, E2010D, E2010D2, E2010D3, E2010E, E2010E2, E2010F, E2010F2, E4010DA, E4010DB, E6664, E7010A, E7010B, E7010C, E7010D, E7010E, E7110B, E780, E8020D, E8310, E8410, E8420, LH530, N3410, N3410A, N3410B, N3430, N3510, N3510A, N3510B, N3510C, N3511, N3511A, N3511B, N3520, N3530, N5010, N5010A, N5010A-2, N5010B, N5010B-2, N5010C, N5010C-2, N6010, N6010A, N6010B, N6010C, N6110, N6110A, N6110B, N6110C, N6110D, N6210, N6210A, N6210B, N6410, N6420, N6460, N6470, N7010, NH570, P1110A, P1110B, P1120, P1510D, P2040, P2040A, P2040B, P2046, P2110, P2110A, P2110B, P2120, P3010, P5010, P5010D, P5020D, P7010A-2, P7010A-3, P7010B-2, P7010B-3, P7010D, P7010DA-2, P7010DB-2, P7010DB-3, P7010DC-2, P7010DC-3, P7120D, P7230, P7230D, P770, P8010, P8020, Q2010 Superior, Q2010 Supreme, S2010, S2010A, S2010B, S2010C, S2210, S6110, S6120B, S6120DB, S6210, S6210A, S6210B, S6220, S6231, S6231A, S6231B, S6240, S6240A, S6240B, S6240C, S6520, S7010A, S7010A-3, S7010B, S7010B-2, S7010B-3, S7010C, S7010C-2, S7010C-3, S7010DA, S7010DA-3, S7010DB, S7010DB-2, S7010DB-3, S7010DC, S7010DC-2, S7010DC-3, S7020A, S7020B, S7020C, S7020D, S7020E, S710, S7110 Value FP, S7211, S7220, S760, T1010, T4220, T4310, T4410, T5010, T730, T900, TH700, U820 Mini-Notebook, V1020, V1030, V1040 ¦ Fujitsu Stylistic ST5030, ST5030D, ST5031D, ST5032D, ST6012


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