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ExaGrid Product Line DataSheet

ExaGrid Product Line DataSheet

Offsite ExaGrid System DS

Seamless Duplication

Redundant copies of files and efficient duplication methods are very important for those who need fast access to archived information. Although basic RAID configurations can provide some of that functionality, Exagrid takes duplication and redundancy a step further. The staff at Vology understand how important data retrieval can be, especially in the event of an emergency. Its partnership with Exagrid allows customers to get the replication and backup security solutions they need along with no-nonsense customer service.

Exagrid provides duplication equipment that can quickly divert information across a spectrum of hard drives for quicker access and greater storage capacities. Offering devices that are developed specifically for performance, scalability and price, these products provide some of the fastest full-system restores available. The appliances are designed to provide a seamless installation and are compatible with most backup applications on the market. Multiple appliances include GRID software, which allows them to be virtualized with one another, adding each into a pool for data retrieval. Offsite devices offer backup solutions that are protected by 256-bit AES encryption methods for enhanced security while giving you peace of mind for remote backups. Using post-process deduplication developments, Exagrid's appliances can perform disaster recoveries faster than many alternatives. Develop an offsite data center for your organization and protect the information from catastrophes, whether natural or man-made, with the help of Vology and Exagrid.

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