Enterasys NS-WADVSVC4

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Enterasys Network Management Suite Wireless Advanced Services with Reporting - License - 1 sensor
The Enterasys Network Management Suite Wireless Advanced Services provides two different modes of vulnerability assessment that grant significant flexibility when securing the RF environment. In Standard mode, Enterasys Wireless access points can scan for wireless threats in the intervals when they are not providing WLAN access. Threat assessment information is continuously fed to the wireless controllers and the WAS server. This mode of operation is ideal for companies wishing to maximize the use of their existing access points. In Sensor mode, Enterasys Wireless indoor access points can be designated as full-time sensors that continuously scan the network and provide the greatest level of protection and threat prevention. In this mode, sensors are deployed among standard Enterasys Wireless access points. Sensors provide the highest level of security while enabling other access points to focus on providing network access with optimal coverage and performance. Administrators are able to switch any access point back and forth from Sensor mode for temporary troubleshooting tasks or in preparation for a deployment change.The NMS WAS simultaneously scans the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands for the latest wireless threats. Once WAS has identified a threat, sensors use sophisticated RF countermeasures to proactively contain the threat before it can impact the network and without disrupting authorized Wi-Fi communication. Unlike other solutions that don't have the capability to scan for 802.11n threats or cannot simultaneously scan and mitigate, Enterasys WIPS sensors can prevent multiple threats while concurrently scanning for additional problems.Using unique and innovative auto-classification techniques, friendly access points and clients belonging to a neighboring wireless network are identified and allowed to coexist. Devices identified as hostile based on rules defined by the system administrator can be immediately blocked, while triggering alerts via email, SNMP or Syslog. The automatic threat classification services reduce the installation overhead common with multi-vendor overlay solutions and significantly reduces false positives, resulting in a more secure wireless environment.WAS has visual location capabilities that make it possible to locate wireless resources belonging to the company - or the people using them. Further, it can illustrate the security status of the network, including vulnerabilities, on a geographical map.Proper placement of access points and sensors is critical to high performance, specifically on networks running real-time applications such as voice. WAS produces real-time performance analysis reports and visual maps that transpose the RF coverage area over the corporate floor plan. These visual heat maps allow managers to assess signal strength and link speed to identify weak spots that can be easily corrected by repositioning access points.Low throughput, RF interference, or intermittent connectivity can plague 802.11-based wireless networks. Built-in knowledge-based troubleshooting offers step-by-step instructions to help identify and address bottlenecks and failures. Enterasys sensors can provide real-time packet captures in order to identify, troubleshoot, and isolate security or performance problems. Easy integration with industry-standard packet visualization and analysis tools facilitates deeper diagnostics when needed.An easy-to-understand management dashboard provides an overview of the entire wireless network's status at a glance. The dashboard is the starting point from which managers can navigate to more detailed security, location, performance, or reporting information.WAS records detailed information for every event that occurs on the wireless network. A wide array of charts are available to summarize these events and perform trend analysis. Managers can be immediately alerted to specific events via email, SNMP, or Syslog and can then focus in on the event details in order to troubleshoot the si

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    • 1 sensor
    • 1 sensor
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    • Networking applications - monitoring & performance management
    • Enterasys Network Management Suite Wireless Advanced Services with Reporting - license
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    • 1 sensor
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    • License
    • Networking applications - monitoring & performance management


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