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EMC ResourcePak Extended - License - 1 MSU - volume - 576-875 licenses
The ResourcePak Extended includes EMC ChangeTracker, EMC DataErase, EMC Disk Compare, EMC PAVManage, EMC Perma-Cache, EMC WriteProtection and EMC Database Utilities.The EMC ChangeTracker utility allows you to monitor and update activity on Symmetrix devices. ChangeTracker enables you to quantify the number of tracks that have changed during the monitoring interval. Knowing track changes is important when you size SRDF connectivity requirements. ChangeTracker helps you determine this important information.The EMC DataErase utility allows for the overwriting of sensitive data through a mainframe, host-based application to both Symmetrix and non-Symmetrix storage units that have control units supporting current control unit images. You can select single tracks, multiple tracks, multiple extent datasets, or entire volumes to have data overwritten. EMC recognizes that residue recording images of data may still reside on a disk after a single physical output operation to a physical disk in the Symmetrix storage subsystem. To ensure that data have been thoroughly erased, data may be overwritten multiple times using multiple data patterns and complements of those patterns. This is a scheme similar to ones suggested by various security advisory bodies.The EMC Disk Compare utility allows you to compare allocated tracks on pairs of logical disk volumes at the physical level. Disk Compare reads the VTOC of the specified devices and determines the location of the allocated tracks. Disk Compare bypasses tracks that are not allocated. You will find that the ability to make this comparison is useful in an SRDF and/or TimeFinder environment as it allows you to verify the data integrity of the primary and secondary device.In mainframe applications using parallel access volumes or multiple allegiance functions, the EMC PAVManage utility allows you to reassign PAV aliases from one base unit address to another. The target device cannot also be offline. PAVManage can be useful when you want to influence the performance of a logical DASD device manually rather than waiting for or having Workload Manager move aliases while operating in goal mode. Implementing WLM and then structuring the environment to operate effectively in goal mode may not be practical in all situations. PAVManage provides a way to adjust the number of aliases assigned to base unit addresses and achieve many of the storage related advantages of WLM running in goal mode.The EMC Perma-Cache utility allows you to lock selected datasets, or portions of selected datasets, into Symmetrix global memory. As an application opens selected datasets, tracks associated with those datasets are loaded into global memory. When the application closes the datasets, Perma-Cache frees the track slots by marking them with a release attribute.The EMC Symmetrix WriteProtection utility allows you to inhibit modification of individual tracks on a Symmetrix disk array. Once protected by it, any channel program that attempts to write to the selected tracks receives a unit check. The protection attribute for each track is maintained across power cycles.

  • MainSpecs
    • 1 MSU
    • EMC ResourcePak Extended - license
    • Networking applications - storage management
    • 1 MSU
    • License
    • Volume / 576-875 licenses
  • Licensing
    • 1 MSU
    • Volume / 576-875 licenses
  • General
    • License
    • Networking applications - storage management


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