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Let Vology and Eaton get you started on the path to recovery with our Disaster Recovery program. Click here to contact a Vology representative that can help you through the stormy skies.

Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the following survey questions to discover if you are prepared for a natural disaster in your community. Not prepared? EATON can help.

1. Can you currently manage all your local and remote power devices (UPSs, PDUs, etc.) from one management platform?

2. In the event of an extended power outage, do you have enough emergency power to keep PoE (and non-PoE) devices like security cameras, IP phones, wireless access points, and POS machines running for at least 60-90 minutes?

3. Do you immediately address any red blinking lights or audible alarms sounding on your UPS(s) that would indicate the need to replace the batteries?

4. When adding new network devices, do you factor the additional load on your existing UPS(s) so capacity will not be exceeded and runtimes will be maintained?

5. Have you replaced your UPS(s) batteries in the last 3-5 years?

6. If your data center has a backup generator, is there a UPS to clean the power and bridge the gap until the generator kicks in?

7. Do you have battery self-tests scheduled, on your UPS(s), at least 6 times per year?

8. Are you alerted via email or text when a power event happens?

9. Can you initiate the movement of virtual machines to a DR site and then gracefully shutdown virtual and physical servers to extend UPS battery life?

Power outages in your community?

This marks the sixth year that Eaton has been following the flickering lights across the nation. From massive failures instigated by Mother Nature in the form of hurricanes and ice storms, to local disruptions affecting just a single street or neighborhood, Eaton has compiled data on more than 3,000 power outages that caused problems for people and businesses in all 50 states.

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Vology has been providing professional IT services and solutions for over 10 years. As technology has continues to advance and evolve, so have we. Our dedication to being the best at what we do and our fanatical focus on customer service has resulted in Vology being recognized as a leader in the IT industry. Find out how Vology and Eaton work together to help our customers maximize IT ROI.

Vology can help!

Eaton consistently introduces innovative solutions that set the standard when it comes to addressing energy management challenges. Eaton’s comprehensive portfolio of integrated data center products and services provide everything you need to increase whitespace efficiency while lowering your total cost of ownership. Find out why Eaton’s power management solutions are optimal for the data center.

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The cost of being unprepared.

Not having an updated disaster recovery plan that includes regularly scheduled maintenance and replacements of your UPS systems can have a significant impact on critical business systems resulting in the loss of data, productivity, money and possibly jobs.

What can you do about it?

Contact an EATON Certified Sales Partner and expert in power protection solutions at VOLOGY

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  • Maintaining business continuity doesn't happen by accident. It's carefully planned and deliberately executed. Vology understands the critical role power protection plays towards maintaining business continuity. By partnering with Eaton, at their highest level, Vology can offer IT professionals unparalleled peace of mind.

    Eaton brings industry leading innovations to every solution like ABM charging technology for the longest battery life in the industry, Energy Star qualified UPSs that save energy, and more real world capacity (in watts) for the same VA rating. Eaton's Intelligent Power Manager seamlessly integrates into the major virtualization management platforms from VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and others for added functionality and “single pane of glass” management in a virtualized environment. This gives powerful new abilities to extend runtime by automating the moving, consolidating and/or suspending of virtual machines (VM). If your VMs can't be moved to a safe place, remote agentless shutdowns can be initiated to gracefully bring down your equipment to avoid data corruption. In addition, the same quality and innovation Eaton brings to their line of UPSs is also carried through to their full line of PDUs, racks/enclosures and power management solutions. You can be assured Vology's expertise combined with Eaton's solution set will make for smoother implementations and higher availability for your most mission critical requirements.

    • Competitive pricing structure
    • More REAL power: Up to 20% more capacity for the same VA rating than competitors
    • Go Green: Energy Star Qualified for increased efficiency, decreased operating costs and lower heat output
    • Patented ABM (advanced battery management) charging technology: 4-5 year battery life vs 2-3 years for other manufacturers
    • Industry leading warranty: 3 years on unit AND batteries vs. 3 year on unit and only two years on batteries for other manufacturers
    • Smaller form factor: many 1U UPS’s to choose from
    • Single pane of glass management: Only manufacturer to integrate into many virtualized management platforms such as VCenter, Citrix, etc
    • Free dock-to-dock ground shipping
  • Power On with Vology

    Vology has been providing professional IT services and solutions for over 10 years. As technology has continued to advance and evolve, so have we. Our dedication to being the best at what we do and our fanatical focus on customer service has resulted in Vology being recognized as a leader in the IT industry.


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