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Power On with Vology and Eaton

Maintaining business continuity doesn't happen by accident. It's carefully planned and deliberately executed. Vology understands the critical role power protection plays towards maintaining business continuity. By partnering with Eaton, at their highest level, Vology can offer IT professionals unparalleled peace of mind.

Eaton brings industry leading innovations to every solution like ABM charging technology for the longest battery life in the industry, Energy Star qualified UPSs that save energy, and more real world capacity (in watts) for the same VA rating. Eaton's Intelligent Power Manager seamlessly integrates into the major virtualization management platforms from VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and others for added functionality and “single pane of glass” management in a virtualized environment. This gives powerful new abilities to extend runtime by automating the moving, consolidating and/or suspending of virtual machines (VM). If your VMs can't be moved to a safe place, remote agentless shutdowns can be initiated to gracefully bring down your equipment to avoid data corruption. In addition, the same quality and innovation Eaton brings to their line of UPSs is also carried through to their full line of PDUs, racks/enclosures and power management solutions. You can be assured Vology's expertise combined with Eaton's solution set will make for smoother implementations and higher availability for your most mission critical requirements.

Featured Products

  • Eaton Network Web/SNMP Card
    Eaton Network Web/SNMP Card - MS (for use with Evolution, 5130, 5PX, Evolution S, 9130, 9135, EX RT, 9170+)
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  • 5PX2200RTN - Eaton 5PX UPS
    SKU: 5PX2200RTN
    Eaton 5PX UPS 2U Rack/Tower LCD 120VAC/2200VA 5-20 Input/(8) 5-20 Outputs with SNMP Card
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  • Eaton 3S550 Surge Suppressor
    SKU: 3S550
    Eaton Powerware 3S Eco Desk/Wallmount UPS 120VAC/550VA 5-15 Input/(4) 5-15 (4) 5-15 Surge Only
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  • 5P1500RT - Eaton 5P UPS
    SKU: 5P1500RT
    Eaton 5P UPS 2U Rack/Tower LCD 120VAC/1500VA 5-15 Input/(8) 5-15 Outputs
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