Cisco HWIC-2T

SKU: HWIC-2T | MFG: Cisco
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Cisco 2-Port Serial High-Speed WAN Interface Card
Connecting your Wide Area Networks (WANs) is much easier with the HWIC-2T High-Performance Wan Interface Card (HWIC) from Cisco. Designed specifically for communication channels that extend way beyond regional boundaries, this Cisco HWIC module is the perfect way to share data across your entire corporate operation.

The HWIC-2T is able to run at 8 Mbps on each of two serial ports, enabling constant communication in each direction, in addition to 115.2 kbps asynchronous speeds. Each port can be used for a completely different application, enabling more efficient multitasking with the same network device. Because the only real usage limitations are total system throughput and the number of expansion slots, many routers and switches can use multiple HWIC network connections, making these refurbished Cisco high-speed WAN cards highly compatible with your scaled applications.

The HWIC-2T installs easily, and it supports multiple data link protocols, including RS-232, RS-530, X.21, V.35, RS-449 and RS-530A. Port activity is easy to check up on because of the inclusion of a bright status indicator light, and the wired Cisco high-speed WAN card is compatible with many different Cisco hardware packages. It works perfectly with everything from Cisco’s 1921 series devices to their 2901, 2911, 2961, 3945 and 3945 E families. This means that you can connect Voice Security Bundles, Integrated Services Routers, CUBE Bundles, Video Encoding Bundles, Terminal Servers and T1 Bundles to your WAN with simple pluggable ease. Long distance data sharing becomes easier, and FCC, AS/NZ, VCCI and UL compliance ensure you won’t run into any problems along the way.

  • Networking
    • Wired
    • Port status
    • 8 Mbps
    • RS-232, RS-530, X.21, V.35, RS-449, RS-530A
  • Expansion / Connectivity
    • 1 x HWIC
    • 2 x serial - RS-232/449/530/V.35/X.21
  • Compatibility Information
    • Cisco 1921 4-pair G.SHDSL bundle, 1921 ADSL2+ Annex M Bundle, 1921 ADSL2+ Bundle, 1921 Integrated Services Router, 1921 SEC T1 Bundle, 1921 T1 Bundle, 1941 Integrated Services Router, 1941 Secure WAAS Bundle, 1941 Security Bundle, 1941 Security Router, 1941 SRE Bundle, 1941 WAAS Bundle, 2811 Terminal Server Bundle, 2901 Integrated Services Router, 2901 Secure WAAS Bundle, 2901 Security Bundle, 2901 SRE Bundle, 2901 Terminal Server Bundle, 2901 Voice Security and CUBE Bundle, 2901 Voice Security Bundle, 2901 WAAS Bundle, 2911 Integrated Services Router, 2911 Secure WAAS Bundle, 2911 Security Bundle, 2911 SRE Bundle, 2911 UCSE Bundle, 2911 Voice Security and CUBE Bundle, 2911 Voice Security Bundle, 2911 WAAS Bundle, 2921 Secure WAAS Bundle, 2921 Security Bundle, 2921 SRE Bundle, 2921 Voice Security and CUBE Bundle, 2921 Voice Security Bundle, 2921 WAAS Bundle, 2951 Integrated Services Router, 2951 Secure WAAS Bundle, 2951 Security Bundle, 2951 SRE Bundle, 2951 UCSE Bundle, 2951 Voice Bundle, 2951 Voice Security and CUBE Bundle, 2951 Voice Security Bundle, 2951 WAAS Bundle, 3825 ISR IP Video Surveillance Bundle, 3825 Video Encoding Bundle, 3845 ISR IP Video Surveillance Bundle, 3845 Video Encoding Bundle, 3925 Integrated Services Router, 3925 PSRE Bundle, 3925 Security Bundle, 3925 SRE Bundle, 3925 Voice Bundle, 3925 Voice Security and CUBE Bundle, 3925 Voice Security Bundle, 3925 WAAS Bundle, 3925E Integrated Services Router, 3925E Security Bundle, 3925E SRE Bundle, 3925E Voice Bundle, 3925E Voice Security and CUBE Bundle, 3925E Voice Security Bundle, 3945 Integrated Services Router, 3945 PSRE Bundle, 3945 Security Bundle, 3945 SRE Bundle, 3945 Voice Bundle, 3945 Voice Security and CUBE Bundle, 3945 Voice Security Bundle, 3945 WAAS Express Bundle, 3945E Integrated Services Router, 3945E Security Bundle, 3945E SRE Bundle, 3945E Voice Bundle, 3945E Voice Security and CUBE Bundle, 3945E Voice Security Bundle
  • Miscellaneous
    • FCC Class A certified, TUV GS, CISPR 24, EN 60950, EN 61000-3-2, IEC950, UL 1950, VCCI Class A ITE, EN 61000-3-3, EN55024, CSA 22.2 No. 950, EN55022 Class A, EN50082-1, AS/NZ 3548 Class A, FCC Part 15, ICES-003 Class A
  • General
    • Plug-in module
    • Expansion module - 2 ports
    • HWIC
  • MainSpecs
    • Cisco 1841, 1841 2-pair, 1841 3G, 1841 4-pair, 1841 ADSL2, 1841 T1, 1921 4-pair, 1921 ADSL2+, 1921 T1, 19XX, 28XX, 28XX 2-pair, 28XX 4-pair, 28XX V3PN, 29XX, 38XX, 38XX V3PN, 39XX
    • Expansion module
    • RS-232, RS-530, X.21, V.35, RS-449, RS-530A
    • 8 Mbps
    • 2 ports
    • HWIC
    • Cisco High-Speed WAN Interface Card expansion module - 2 ports
    • Plug-in module


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