Cisco HWIC-16A

SKU: HWIC-16A | MFG: Cisco
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Cisco 16-Port Async High-Speed WAN Interface Card
Upgrade your Cisco supported router or terminal with this new HWIC-16A serial and asynchronous module. This high-speed WAN interface card is compatible with 1900, 2800, 2900, 3800, and 3900 series of Cisco integrated service routers and bundles. The Cisco serial and asynchronous module can be mixed with other supported equipment, providing the perfect combination of support for your needs. 

Supporting 16 Asynchronous Serial RS-232 ports, the HWIC-16A provides 230.4 Kbps data transfer rate for those connected to the device. This Cisco HWIC module supports a wide range of compatibility and can be used in networks utilizing video surveillance, VoIP, security bundles, terminal servers, and other integrated services. This device is a plug-in module and requires the correct compatible router in order to be used.

Status indicators on this new HWIC-16A module consist of active and failure detection. This Cisco serial and asynchronous module is 0.8 inchs tall, 3.1 inches wide, and 5.6 inches deep. The module supports methods for external modem access, WAN aggregation, legacy transport protocol, and high port density. This module also supports a wired connection but has no particular support for wireless of its own.

  • MainSpecs
    • Cisco High-Speed WAN Interface Card serial adapter - 16 ports
    • Plug-in module
    • Serial adapter
    • 16 ports
    • RS-232
    • 230.4 Kbps
    • Cisco 1841 2-pair, 1841 3G, 1841 4-pair, 1841 ADSL2, 1841 T1, 18XX, 1921 4-pair, 1921 ADSL2+, 1921 T1, 19XX, 28XX, 28XX 2-pair, 28XX 4-pair, 28XX V3PN, 29XX, 38XX, 38XX V3PN, 39XX
    • RS-232 x 2
  • Compatibility Information
    • Cisco 1861E Integrated Services Router, 1905 Integrated Services Router, 1921 4-pair G.SHDSL bundle, 1921 ADSL2+ Annex M Bundle, 1921 ADSL2+ Bundle, 1921 Integrated Services Router, 1921 SEC T1 Bundle, 1921 T1 Bundle, 1941 Integrated Services Router, 1941 Secure WAAS Bundle, 1941 Security Bundle, 1941 Security Router, 1941 SRE Bundle, 1941 WAAS Bundle, 2801C Integrated Services Router, 2811 Terminal Server Bundle, 2811C Integrated Services Router, 2821C Integrated Services Router, 2901 Secure WAAS Bundle, 2901 Security Bundle, 2901 SRE Bundle, 2901 Terminal Server Bundle, 2901 Voice Security and CUBE Bundle, 2901 Voice Security Bundle, 2901 WAAS Bundle, 2911 Secure WAAS Bundle, 2911 Security Bundle, 2911 SRE Bundle, 2911 UCSE Bundle, 2911 Voice Security and CUBE Bundle, 2911 Voice Security Bundle, 2911 WAAS Bundle, 2921 Secure WAAS Bundle, 2921 Security Bundle, 2921 SRE Bundle, 2921 Voice Security and CUBE Bundle, 2921 Voice Security Bundle, 2921 WAAS Bundle, 2951 Secure WAAS Bundle, 2951 Security Bundle, 2951 SRE Bundle, 2951 UCSE Bundle, 2951 Voice Security and CUBE Bundle, 2951 Voice Security Bundle, 2951 WAAS Bundle, 3825 ISR IP Video Surveillance Bundle, 3825 Video Encoding Bundle, 3845 ISR IP Video Surveillance Bundle, 3845 Video Encoding Bundle, 3925 Integrated Services Router, 3925 PSRE Bundle, 3925 Security Bundle, 3925 SRE Bundle, 3925 Voice Security and CUBE Bundle, 3925 Voice Security Bundle, 3925 WAAS Bundle, 3925E Integrated Services Router, 3925E Security Bundle, 3925E SRE Bundle, 3925E Voice Bundle, 3925E Voice Security and CUBE Bundle, 3925E Voice Security Bundle, 3945 Integrated Services Router, 3945 PSRE Bundle, 3945 Security Bundle, 3945 SRE Bundle, 3945 Voice Security and CUBE Bundle, 3945 Voice Security Bundle, 3945 WAAS Express Bundle, 3945E Integrated Services Router, 3945E Security Bundle, 3945E SRE Bundle, 3945E Voice Bundle, 3945E Voice Security and CUBE Bundle, 3945E Voice Security Bundle
  • Expansion / Connectivity
    • 2 x serial - RS-232 - 60 pin D-Sub (DB-60)
    • 1 x expansion slot
  • General
    • Plug-in module
    • Serial adapter - 16 ports
  • Networking
    • 230.4 Kbps
    • Fail, active
    • RS-232
    • Wired
    • RS-232 x 2


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