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There is No Such Thing as Too Much Security

Keeping your network secure is an important aspect of maintaining efficiency in the workplace. At any point, your infrastructure could become comprised by malware or a worm, rendering everyone within the organization helpless. As Vology realizes the necessity of security, the organization has teamed up with Barracuda in order to offer the most comprehensive and secured solutions that the partnership can offer. This combination of intuitive staff and quality products will give you the relief of knowing your network is secured from threats of varying degrees.

Compromises in security can cause a great deal of trouble for your organization. Trojans can easily be installed and will send out spam using your own email servers. This could put you on blacklists, preventing any email you send from reaching its intended recipient. Time-sensitive materials could be put on indefinite hold while you try to find the cause of the problem. As Barracuda offers hourly updates on virus definitions, you can greatly reduce the impact these intrusive programs have on your infrastructure. Protect your data while using Barracuda backup servers to reduce downtime during any situation. Provide greater stability to the network with a range of load-balancing appliances. The partnership between Vology and Barracuda can help you develop the most secure and versatile network to protect your assets.

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