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Although many homes recognize the APC logo since backup devices provide uninterrupted power to computers and gaming consoles, the company also specializes in maintaining the network infrastructure of businesses. Partnering with Vology, APC brings the quality and security that these users experience to a knowledgeable and customer-centered atmosphere. There is a wide range of versatility in APC's list of supported products, and it's only natural that an equally versatile company create a partnership of quality and sustainability. This combination creates a range of functionality for anyone looking to build an efficient network infrastructure without the fluff of trying to give you something you don't need.

APC provides quality products in order to keep your network sustained in various situations. Famous for its Uninterpretable Power Supplies, or UPS, the company continues this outlook of providing additional stability. Modular power distribution products allow IT to comprehensibly assign and address consumption needs of the server rack. The SurgeArrest product line provides superb quality in protecting important networking equipment from suffering in the event of a power spike or brown-out. Using ProtectNet products can keep your phone, Ethernet, coaxial and serial cable lines from sending feedback that can harm sensitive equipment. Keep your server room cooled to ideal temperatures with APC cooling products. Vology and APC will see to every conceivable power need you may have to develop the most comprehensive solution without extravagant cost.

Featured Products

  • APC BE350G Back-UPS ES 350G - 200 Watt
    SKU: BE350G
    APC Back-UPS ES 350G - UPS - AC 120 V - 200 Watt - 350 VA - 6 output connector(s)
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  • APC BR1000G Back-UPS Pro 1000
    SKU: BR1000G
    APC Back-UPS Pro - UPS - AC 120 V - 600 Watt - 1000 VA - USB - 8 output connector(s)
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  • APC BE550G
    SKU: BE550G
    APC Back-UPS ES 550 - UPS - AC 120 V - 330 Watt - 550 VA - USB - 8 output connector(s)
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    SKU: BR24BPG
    APC Back-UPS Pro Battery Pack 24V - Battery enclosure - 12 V - 2 x lead acid
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